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A community

Who's hehind Framasoft? All those who have participated or participate in any way in our various projects. All you need is a desire to promote free software and get involved under a free licence, ensuring that it will be added to the pot of common property without the risk of misappropriation.

An association

Framasoft is basically a non-profit association. Its main concern is about oiling the wheels and making sure that the community can achieve all activities in the best possible conditions. It has three permanent administrators and is funded primarily by individual donations collected on the Internet. You can join them of course, but mind that it turns out more likely to be a vocation than a picnic!

Ready to support us? Because free of use means liberty; but it is not free of costs.

Framasoft would be nothing without its community of volunteers but could not work either without the service of the association that pays and employs three permanent administrators. Our funding depends on you, that is to say, individual donations collected on the Internet. Si if you do think we deserve it...

freeGuppY does support Framasoft

We would like to participate more but what we mainly miss is volunteers involved in action.

If you are interested, please contact freeGuppY association: asso[at]


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