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GuppY 5.02.01 release - Security update - 30/08/2017 @ 14:25 by Guppy_Team

GuppY: GuppY 5.02.01 package, cumulative and non-cumulative patches - Security update.

This pack is the 99th version of GuppY

We propose patch 5.02.01 with additions, improvements, corrections and correction of a critical flaw.
Thanks to jchouix for the discovery and the report of this fault.

Beware, all versions of GuppY are concerned, without exception, by this critical flaw.
You must install this patch 5.02.01 IMMEDIATELY and IMMEDIATELY for the security of your site.


Prerequisites: PHP 5.4 minimum

- choice of skins CKEditor public
- CKEditor public color settings and font size
- correction of the function getNewUpdateDoc ()
- addition of authorization of reactions by article
- fix password password admin
- independence of the admin part
- rationalization of language files
- correction of the inclusion of the phpmailer class
- update of PhpMailer in version 5.2.23
- update of Mobile_detect in version 2.8.25
- checking the activation of the Contact form
- correction of the activation of the blocking of a TOP line
- improved control of the validity of emails (thanks jchouix)
- improved CKEditor public filtering
- improved setting of cookies
- corrected link archives news (thanks Laroche)
- Added the choice of date formats for both languages
- adding an individual css rule to each calendar day
- plugin registration correction
- Added a function to initialize the photo galleries
- correction of the version comparison for the update
- Improved Config look
- modification of access rights to the admin
- correction of a critical fault


2 patches are necessary to stay within the limit of 2Mo imposed by some webhosts:

First with the Install function, you update CKEditor with the patch-CKEditor-v472, available in Download and then GuppY.

To change from 5.02.00-1 to 5.02.01, you must use the gy-non-cumulative-50201 patch by following these steps :
    • Download the patch and install in admin with the Install function of GuppY,
    • Validate the usual configuration pages

After installation you should go to admin / config look and proceed in this order :

    • Complete the configuration of the new fields in Config look,
    • Save the config to save your changes,
    • Click "Generate Style" to update your compatible Config look skin, then you may need several refreshes to display a page to have a correct display.

As for all patches, it is advisable to revalidate all the pages of config in admin.

Changes to the archives:

If you have downloaded the GuppY 5.02.01 full pack, the cumulative patch and the non-cumulative patch before August 30,2017 at 2:00 pm, you must download the zips again.
We have made changes to several files in version 5.02.01.

In all cases, you must install the non-cumulative patch gy-non-cumulative-50201 from 30.08.2017 to update to the latest version.

Thank you for your reports, thank you for your understanding.

Thanks to Saxbar and all the participants in this patch.
The GuppY Team