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GuppY release 5.01.05 - 27/09/2016 @ 10:21 by Guppy_Team

GuppY:  GuppY Pack 5.01.05, cumulative and non-cumulative patches.gylogo.png

This pack is the 95th version of GuppY.

We offer the patch 5.01.05 with additions, improvements, corrections:

- Added file inc / incpage to insert scripts in the <head> section of the page header
- Correction PathAbsoluteRelative () function to the editor CKEditor
- Update the operation of the Site's New box
- Correcting the header of the message sent by Contact
- Correction of the display of empty forums
- Optimization of the limited height display articles, blog, news and free boxes
- Addition of the removal of the protection admin
- Correction of the updated documents after changing private group of the forum categories
- Config look improvement
- Modification of the test for the calculation of page type

To move from Version 5.01.04 to 5.01.05 version, the GY-non-cumulative patch 50105-you need to use and install with the Install function.

After installation you must go to admin / config look and proceed in this order:

  1. complete the configuration of the new fields to Config look,
  2. save config to save your changes,
  3. click on "Create Style" to update your look Config supports skin,

 then several refreshment displaying a page may be required for correct display.

As with all patches, it is advisable to validate all config pages admin.


Many thanks Saxbar and all the participants in this patch.

The GuppY Team