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GuppY release 5.01.06 - 06/12/2016 @ 16:37 by Guppy_Team

GuppY:  GuppY Pack 5.01.06, cumulative and non-cumulative patches.gylogo.png

This pack is the 96th version of GuppY.

We offer the patch 5.01.06 with additions, improvements, corrections:

- minimum required version: PHP 5.4
- correction of address record of menu items
- added the "Delete formatting" function in CKEditor
- correction of the data record in admin for accommodation with cache
- correction of the current menu option icons
- improved captcha text display 2
- correction of the display of the file name for the download in second language
- correction of the display of subjects of the private forums
- correction of a cookie on the contact form
- correction of the display of the archives of the blog
- taking into account the HTTPS protocol
- improved page structure
- creation of pages / sample-form.php a copy of secure form
- image name correction for the unknown avatar of the forum
- avatar and external signature image become internal in https
- added unsubscribe to a forum thread
- correction of access to the e-mail addresses of the forum
- correction of 2 access to online help


2 patches are necessary to stay within the limit of 2Mo imposed by some webhosts

First with the Install function, you update CKEditor with the special patch CK Editor v460 for GuppY 501xx (06.12.2016), available in Download and then GuppY.

Then to go from version 5.01.05 to version 5.01.06, it is the gy-non-cumulative-50106 patch that you must use, and install with the Install function.

After installation you must go to admin / config look and proceed in this order:

  1. complete the configuration of the new fields to Config look,
  2. save config to save your changes,
  3. click on "Create Style" to update your look Config supports skin,

 then several refreshment displaying a page may be required for correct display.

As with all patches, it is advisable to validate all config pages admin.

Many thanks Saxbar and all the participants in this patch.

The GuppY Team