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Warning: GuppY 6.00.11 - Security update

GuppY release 6.00.11 : pack, cumulative and non-cumulative patch  -  Security update

For the security of your site this patch should be applied immediately.

To upgrade from version 6.00.10 to 6.00.11, you apply the non-cumulative GuppY 6.00.11 patch.

To upgrade from version 5.03.03 to version 6.00.11, you must follow the migration procedure described in this article.

For plugins and skins, please post on the author's website.

The skins and plugins of our friend Saxbar are available for download on this site.


The corrected zips dated 11.03.2023 at 08:15 are online and available for download.

If you have patched your site before, you must download the non-cumulative patch again and apply it.

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